private driver for transfert marseille airport

Marignane from the Marignane airport to the old port

Beaucoup de gens ne comprennent pas l’importance d’un transfert aéroportuaire simplement parce qu’ils n’en ont jamais utilisé ce service. Le transfert aéroport est un service de prise en charge de transport géré par un hôtel ou une agence de location de véhicule pour ses clients. Un véhicule avec chauffeur passe prendre le client à l’aéroport pour l’emmener à son hôtel ou à son domicile. Un transfert aéroport présente de nombreux avantages : il vous permet de profiter à tout moment du plaisir de vous rendre où vous le souhaitez et de gagner du temps et de l’argent.

Hello friends ! I’m going to tell you about my Madrid-Marseille-Brussels business trip today. Well it turns out that I had to travel to Spain for work, but hey, I’m never sad to leave my native Belgium for a little trip to a country that I love, I was more precisely in the capital in Madrid…The next day I had to land at Marseille Provence airport, I had chosen the VTC Marseille option for my trips because I really had no time to waste in logistics. I wanted to be quiet for my transfer from Marignane airport to my hotel located in the old port of Marseille.

First experience of a VTC Marseille

I admit that for a first experience of the VTC in Marseille, I really had the chance to come across a very serious VTC rental company, The day before in Madrid, I simply booked my VTC for the day online on the site Excellium Limousine, watch for more informations.

When I arrived at Marignane airport, the driver was already waiting for me, I did not waste a minute to arrive at my hotel, change and go to my meeting! I found the service to be very good, the driver was very attentive, he even offered me a bottle of water and small bombs .

Good addresses thanks to my private driver

In the end, everything went really well, when I left my meeting I asked my driver if he could tell me a good restaurant on the ledge, I ate an excellent bouillabaisse and it seems that it’s not that simple in Marseille. After gaining almost a pound at once, I asked my driver to take me to a nice souvenir shop … so I got great service and the car was super classy. That same evening it was time to take the plane back to my dear Belgium … Direction Marseille Airport, my driver had to use all his experience to make me arrive on time because we found ourselves stranded on the fast lane because of an accident… Fortunately I arrived on time and I thank them. I think that during a business trip or even for tourism, the VTC Marseille is the best solution to get around, at least, according to my experience with the company Excellium Limousine …

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